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2021-178-17_4-1 - Grade 5 Camden.jpg

Bird Brigade student artist at work. Photo: Fresh Artists


Project Spotlights

Art teacher Package-all art supplies.jpg

Yellow Warbler. Photo: George Armistead

Art supplies package. Photo: Fresh Artist


A collaborative effort with Fresh Artists is helping to create a deeper appreciation for birds among students and their families in the Philadelphia region, while bringing broader awareness to the issue of bird collisions.  Student artists from Philly, Camden and Norristown schools created Bird Portraits, which were featured in the Fresh Artist "Bird Brigade" Exhibition at the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show, along with an informative panel about bird collisions and solutions. Watch this video to learn more.


In collaboration with Bird Safe Philly, PECO is helping to keep our night sky safe for migrating birds. As a participant in Lights Out Philly, PECO is ensuring their buildings interior lights, activated by light sensors, are dark when not in use. In addition, PECO's iconic Crown Lights feature movement and are dimmer during this season, to reduce attractiveness to birds at night. This information was featured in PECO's August 2021 edition of Energy@Home.

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