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Lights Out Philly

April 1 - May 31
August 15 - November 15


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Lights Out

Each year, tens of million birds pass through Philadelphia during the spring and fall migration. Unfortunately, many are killed when they fly into buildings, confused by artificial lights at night or by reflective or transparent glass surfaces. Artificial lights at night can attract birds migrating at night to buildings and ultimately cause them to collide with other parts of the buildings associated with the lights.

What is

Lights Out

Lights Out is a voluntary program that involves turning off and/or blocking as many external and internal building lights as possible at night, when bird migration is occurring during the spring and fall.


What is Lights Out? What is involved in the program? How do I participate? Learn more through our FAQs.

Lights Out

Philly Fact Sheet

Download the fact sheet and learn more about "Lights Out Philly", scheduled for April 1- May 31 and August 15 – November 15 this year. Turn off lights from midnight to 6am and help save birds and money.

Participate in 

Lights Out 


Whether you are a building owner, tenant, business, or resident, you can join us in helping to prevent night-time bird collisions during the months many are migrating. Sign up to participate in "Lights Out Philly" 2023!


A Bird Safe Philly program, Lights Out Philly is the result of a collaborative effort led by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, Audubon Mid-Atlantic, Valley Forge Audubon Society and Wyncote Audubon Society. In addition to the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability, the Bird Safe Philly initiative is endorsed by the Building Owners and Managers Association Philadelphia, the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia, and PECO.  

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Participating Buildings

*Note that additional buildings are participating in Lights Out but are not listed publicly.


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Lights Out Program

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